Committees of Council


Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee shall consist of three members:

  1. the Chairman of the Council
  2. one member of the Council who is a registered medical practitioner appointed by the Chairman
  3. a registered medical practitioner, who is a not a member of the Council and who has been registered for at least 10 years appointed by the Chairman.

The Assessment Committee shall:

  1. Examine applications for registration and advise the Council on the adequacy of the qualifications of an applicant for registration and, in the relevant case, the additional qualifications that are required for registration.
  2. Be responsible for the implementation and publication of the system of assessment.
  3. Perform such other duties as are assigned to the Assessment Committee by the Council

Complaints Committee

The Complaints Committee shall consist of three members of the Council, one of whom shall be the Chairman, appointed by the Council, annually.

The Complaints Committee shall carry out:

  1. preliminary investigations into any matter concerning
    • the ability of a medical practitioner to discharge, competently, his professional responsibilities
    • the professional misconduct of a medical practitioner
  2.  investigations into any other complaint relating to the conduct of medical practitioners that is referred to the Complaints Committee by the Council.

The Complaints Committee, upon the conclusion of an investigation shall report, in writing, its findings and decision and the reasons for its decision to the Council and:

  1. in the case of a preliminary investigation, may recommend that –
    • no further investigation shall be carried out; or
    • the Committee; and he matter be referred, in whole or in part, to the Disciplinary Committee
  2. in any case other than a preliminary investigation, may direct that –
    • the matter be referred, in whole or in part, to the Disciplinary Committee; or
    • such other steps be taken as it considers necessary;
  3. where it is determined that the matter be referred to the   Disciplinary Committee, and the matter is to be undertaken by way of a formal hearing, the Council may engage the services of a counsel and  attorney of at least 10 years standing to assist the Complaints Committee in preparing the referral.

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A complaint that a person registered under this Act has been guilty of improper conduct may be made to the Council in writing by any person and shall bear the date of the complaint and the signature of the complainant, but subject to this, shall be in no particular form.

Where the Council is of the opinion that any complaint so made might, if established, call for the exercise by a Disciplinary committee of any of the disciplinary powers conferred by Section 18 , the Council shall cause the complaint to be investigated in such manner as may be prescribed and shall if necessary appoint a disciplinary committee to hear and determine the complaint.

Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee shall consist of three medical practitioners appointed by the Council, who have been registered as medical practitioners for a continuous period of 10 years.

The Disciplinary Committee shall:

  1. hear and determine allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence made in relation to a medical practitioner
  2. hear and determine other matters referred to Disciplinary Committee by the Council
  3. perform such other duties, related to disciplinary matters, as are assigned to Disciplinary Committee by the Council; and
  4. upon the conclusion of a hearing or an investigation, report in writing, its findings and decision and the reasons for its decision  to  the Council.

Powers of the Disciplinary Committee

On the hearing of a complaint a disciplinary committee may either dismiss the complaint or make such order of a disciplinary nature as they think fit, and any such order may in particular provide for any or all of the following matters, that is to say:

  1. Removal of name from the register
  2. Suspension of registration for a period not exceeding one year

Special Review Committee

Where the Council determines than an investigation into the competence and ability of a Registered medical practitioner or specialist to practice medicine is necessary; the Council shall appoint a Committee to be called a Special Review Committee to conduct an investigation.

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