A physician who is registered without any restriction or condition with the Bahamas Medical Council may be granted a licence to practice medicine in the Bahamas.

A registered physician on payment of the appropriate fee will be:

  • Licenced under the category of their registration with or without restrictions or condition as the Council may determine.
  • Issued a licence valid for the year in which it is issued and shall expire on the 31st day of December of that year unless the licence has been cancelled.
  • Required to provide a valid copy of a work permit with the right to work or be a permanent resident with the right to work.
  • Published annually in the gazette of all Medical Practitioners licenced under the Medical Act, 2013 after the 31st day of January each year.
  • Required to display the licence in a conspicuous place in that holder’s place of business.

Where a licence has been lost, destroyed or mutilated, it may be replaced by the Council upon application, in writing by the holder of the licence and on payment of the specified fee.

A person who practices medicine or surgery without a valid licence commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000) and in the case of a foreign person, subject to deportation.

  • Bahamas Medical Council Partners with ECFMG

    Beginning January 1st 2016, if you are a graduate of a medical school other than the University of the West Indies, you must have certain required medical education credentials verified through EPIC prior to submitting your application to the Council.

Renewal of licence

Every medical practitioner registered shall, prior to the 31st day of December each year, apply in writing to the Council for renewal of licence.

An application for a renewal of licence shall be made by the holder, in writing to the Council.

The Council may renew the licence of a medical practitioner, where the Council is satisfied that the medical practitioner continues to meet the requirements under the Medical Bill Act of 2013 and: where the medical practitioner provides proof of completion of continuing medical education requirements as prescribed; in relevant cases, where the medical practitioner provides proof of a valid work permit; and upon payment of the specified fees.

Licence Fees
Provisional $100
Temporary $400
Medical Practitioner $400
Specialty Medical Practitioner $800
Special Purpose $1,200
Honorary Registration $0